Work environment

Ambiente di lavoro

The production

Working ceramic has always been a difficult and challenging art. This material is extremely rewarding to work with but at the same time requires total effort and dedication from the craftsman.

Throughout history, ceramic workshops have always been a challenging environments for workers because of the oven's high temperature and dust arising from processing.

Our products, made with high quality standards by our craftsmen to meet the needs of our customers, require special handling and thoroughness. We thus had to create a suitable work environment to make our craftsmen operate in the most comfortable and ergonomic conditions at all stages of the production process.

Studying the appropriate conditions inside the work environment has required to monitor and control temperature and humidity. In addition to the standard air-conditioning systems the implementation of a green wall of plants fit for the microclimate in the production area is under way.

The vegetation

The introduction of vegetation in the production areas has affected the humidity and temperature levels with countless benefits for workers and products.
Holding the temperature and humidity as constant as possible allows the ceramic to dry in a slow and gradual way, reducing defects due to abrupt and non-uniform drying.
Besides these benefits, a thriving vegetation inside the work areas increases air oxygen percentages, improving its quality and consequently the work environment, reflecting on
the high quality levels of products.

La vegetazione