Our Amphoras

Nostre Anfore

TAVA amphora’s specific technical characteristics are the result of a constant research in close cooperation with the wineries.

CAPACITY: currently we produce amphoras with a capacity of 750 liters (198 US gallons) and 320 liters (84 US gallons). This could vary of +/- 5% due to the artisan craftsmanship and the firing temperature.

CONTROLLED POROSITY: TAVA amphoras are fired at very high temperatures (never below 1200°C – 2192° F). This allows the regulation of the micro-oxygenation based on the different purposes of use of the amphora.
• PORE DIAMETER 0.05 +/- μm
• AVERAGE OXYGEN FLOW 0.4 mg/l - 10 mg/l per month

We can therefore provide amphoras with different porosities: with a 1200°C – 2192° F firing we obtain a material with an oxydoreduction comparable to that of wood, otherwise higher temperatures would glaze more the ceramic, closing the pores.

SANITAZING EASINESS: the ceramic mixture developed in collaboration with Ceramiche Cecchetto allows great ease in cleaning and sanitizing.

SEALING SYSTEM: Tava has developed and patented a simple yet extremely effective ceramic sealing system to guarantee a hermetic cover. The same efficacy wouldn't be achieved with a metal sealing, which would operate as thermal bridge.

NO TRANSFERS: high temperature firing allows to have no transfers to the amphora's content: this stamp out any possible contamination of lead and cadmium, and other injurious elements, and has allowed us to get the alimentary certification.