The use of amphoras

Le nostre andore

The use of clay as material for the production and storage of wine, as well as having ancient roots, is based on some specific characteristics of the ceramic.

One of the most significant aspects of the amphora is the ability to allow microoxygenation between the environment and the content. This process is similarly found in wood barrels, with the difference that there are no organoleptic changes in wine using amphoras. This allows having a container that fully preserves the quality of the grapes without sensory alterations and guarantees various oenological processes thanks to the benefits of a controlled amount of oxygen.

Thermal inertia
The thermal properties of the clay have been known for centuries. The specific characteristics of protecting the wine from thermal shocks, has made this material largely used in the oenological industry.
Amphoras, even more than cement, provide protection and uniformity in the thermoregulation of oenological products.